Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Love Bomb

Much love to She'lon for introducing me to this song.

I can't stress enough how we as a people need to get ourselves together, and I mean it in the most literal sense possible. We've become so fragmented, we're forgetting how to truly connect and to love. It seems we find solace in superficial relationships, digital devices, drugs, alcohol... war, perhaps... I think even our command-and-conquer nature is a symptom of our longing to connect.

That's why it's always nice to find those people on another plane,
those who turn off their iPods once in a while just to hear the world,
those unafraid to dive into strangers' eyes and hearts,
those who have opened their own,
those independent from pixels,
those going slow, against the status quo,
those who smile when they mean it,
those heading full-force into the unknown...

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